Why Staging is a Good Idea!

Statistics show that professionally staged homes sell faster and for more money than other homes on the market that have not been staged.  Staging your home will make it stand out above the competition and make it more desirable.  It should be considered an investment – not a cost.  Whatever you spend on staging is always less that that first price reduction.  If you really need to sell your home in this market, you can’t afford NOT to stage it before you list it.  Other reasons why staging is a good idea:

  • Better Internet Exposure – Today, most people (about 90%) begin their home search online.  Staging your home will provide better photos and encourage more interest from buyers and agents.
  • More MoneyAlthough staging doesn’t usually significantly raise the value of a property, it does significantly increase its appeal. Staged homes typically sell for an average 17% more money than their non-staged competition and often bring in multiple offers even in a slower market.
  • Faster Sales – In a Real Estate Staging Association study, 174 homeowners had their property on the market on average 156 days. Those same homes were staged and sold in 42 days on average after staging. This is 73% less time on the market.
  • First Impressions – Most buyers will decide within 30 seconds if they are interested in purchasing your home.
  • Emotional Factor – You are selling more than shelter, you are selling a lifestyle.  Staged homes appeal to the buyer on an emotional level.
  • Move-in Condition – By doing the updates and repairs for them, you will appeal to a larger number of buyers.
  • Well Maintained – Most buyers are nervous about buying a maintenance nightmare.  Staged homes give the impression of being well maintained and cared for.
  • Buyers Can’t Visualize – Less than 10% of buyers looking at your house are capable of seeing what it CAN BE.  They only see what it IS!
  • Competition – In a buyer’s market, there are more houses to choose from.  Every showing is that much more important.  A well-staged house will stand out among the competition.
  • Better Return on Investment – A Home Gain Survey showed that sellers of staged homes recovered an average of 198% of the cost of staging.
  • Tax Deductible – Many improvements you make in your home for the purpose of selling (including staging) are tax deductible

If you’re serious about selling your home, call StageRight today and take advantage of all that Professional Home Staging has to offer.


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