Staging Services

StageRight offers clients various types of services in order to best meet their needs and circumstances.

  • Consultations – for those on a limited budget who prefer to do most of the work themselves. Often the first step in an occupied staging, we can provide you with a written report listing our recommendations for each room and outside areas. We also offer a “Walk & Talk” consultation where it is up to the homeowner to take notes. After the consultation, you can decide if you would like StageRight to assist with some or all of the project. We will work along with the homeowner or take charge of the project, doing as much or as little as you need.
  • Occupied Stagings – for those who plan to remain in their home while it is on the market. We will assist the homeowner or take charge of de-cluttering and de-personalizing the property. We will edit and re-arrange existing furniture and accessories or supplement from our inventory if needed. We will assist with minor updating projects and, with an established budget will purchase necessary items.
  • Vacant Stagings – for investors, bank-owned properties, or anyone who has a vacant property to sell. Typically,vacant properties take much longer to sell. We will provide the appropriate furniture and accessories to help buyers envision themselves living there which is key in getting properties sold. With this option, homeowners can move on with their lives and be assured that that their house will always look fabulous.
  • Curb Appeal Improvements – Curb appeal should be the first step in preparing your home for sale.  First impressions are SO important and you really do just get one chance to make a good one.  Curb appeal can make the difference between buyers being excited about coming inside or just driving by.  We can provide landscape work or simply dress the front porch – whatever is needed to make buyers eager to come inside and see the rest of the house.
  • Accessory Rental – Sometimes just adding a few of the right accessories will make a big difference in updating a room.  We will provide you with the appropriate accessories rented on a monthly basis.  We will arrange them and remove them when the house is sold.  If you’re not interested in renting, we will help you establish a budget and do the shopping to purchase any accessories you may need.
  • Furniture Rental – Vacant houses feel cold and uninviting and most people cannot envision their own things in them.  We can provide furniture appropriate to the style and price range of your house.  Because we work with several furniture companies, we have a larger selection to choose from in order to find the pieces that work best for the look and the budget.  This gives us the ability to create unique rooms and stay flexible with the budget.
  • Updating Projects – If your house needs updating in order to appeal to today’s buyers, we will help you select paint colors, carpet, light fixtures, etc. We have a lot of less expensive ways to update kitchens and bathrooms without the cost of a full remodel.  We can work with you as a consultant or take charge of the entire project.
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