What is Redesign?

Redesign is the art of redecorating a space by editing and rearranging existing furniture and accessories to create a fresh look, improve traffic flow, and improve the use of the space.  It may involve “borrowing” pieces from other rooms, painting or otherwise modifying a piece of furniture, or re-purposing pieces of furniture.  Without spending a lot of money on new furnishings, StageRight can create a new look for your home.

Although Redesign is almost always a big part of staging occupied homes, those not planning to sell can benefit as well.

Who Needs Redesign?

  • People trying to sell their home
  • People who just bought a new home and aren’t sure how to make their things “fit”
  • Newly combined households where there is more “stuff” than “space”
  • Empty nesters with new found space
  • Anyone who wants a new look for their home
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