Home Staging Starts at the Street!

The home staging principles of universal appeal and de-personalizing apply as much to the front yard as to the inside of the house.  This goes beyond just good “curb appeal” and may involve a little sacrifice.  With Halloween and the elections approaching, you don’t want to “scare away” or alienate any potential buyers with Halloween decor or campaign signs.  Staging is about making your house more appealing to a broad range of buyers. Halloween is a fun holiday, but let’s face it, spider webs, skeletons, and gravestones are NOT going to improve the appearance of your property. Not everyone celebrates Halloween and NOBODY wants to buy a “haunted” house.  Maybe someone else can host the neighborhood party this year.

De-personalizing is crucial to real estate staging inside and OUT.  Buyers must be able to envision themselves living in a space.  Politics (and religion) are two of the most personal things there is, so don’t let your political views or religious preference possibly alienate someone who might otherwise love your house.  You never know how people will react and in this market, it doesn’t hurt to play it safe and eliminate any possible negatives.  Put a bumper sticker on your car, hand out flyers, make annoying phone calls, and by all means VOTE, but please keep those campaign signs out of your front yard while your house is on the market.  You never know when a possible buyer might drive by your house.

For more curb appeal help see “Curb Appeal Tips for Home Sellers”.


Author: stageitwithstageright

Suellen Lassetter, owner of StageRight Home Staging & Redesign, is an interior decorator specializing in home staging for real estate. Located in Upland, CA, StageRight provides services throughout the San Gabriel Valley and much of the Inland Empire. Started in 2007, StageRight works with homeowners, real estate agents, and investors to help them sell their vacant or occupied properties as quickly as possible and for as much money as possible.

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